Holiday Cranberry Sauce

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone again, I am once again intrigued by the Thanksgiving meal. We look forward to it, we talk about, we plan for it, and we love it but once it is done that's is it until next year. Stuffing, gravy, green bean casserole, turkey and cranberry sauce won't be our focus for another 300 plus days. 

One element of this meal is sticking with me this year and that is the cranberry sauce. We made a very simple fresh cranberry sauce this year in the Root kitchen and served it on a variety of our catered events. It is obviously great with turkey, we all know that, but equally as good on chicken, pork, lamb and roasted vegetables. Cranberry sauce works for our palette the same way pickles or ketchup works. The sweet and sour combination helps to awaken our taste buds, refresh them and get us ready for the next bite.

This recipe takes minutes to make, but it is recommended to let the sauce macerate for 4 hours before eating. Enjoy

Chef Sam’s Holiday Cranberry Sauce


12 oz fresh cranberries
3 oz fresh ginger
1 cup white sugar

Juice of half a small orange

Pinch of salt

Clean and finely mince ginger. Place all ingredients in food processor with the blade attachment and spin until your sauce is a fine texture. Let macerate for 4 hours then refrigerate.

Kacey Morris