Harbor Sunrise, a summer speciality drink

This summer specialty drink combines berry and hibiscus herbal tea with lemonade and a bit of honey.

Makes ½ gallon of Harbor Sunrise

1. Brew four (4) cups of Berry and Hibiscus herbal tea.

2. Make a simple syrup. Combine one (1) cup water and one (1) cup sugar in a small sauce pan and heat to dissolve water. Let cool. Measure ½ cup of simple sugar and reserve the other ½ cup for the next batch!

3. Make lemonade. Combine ½ cup of simple syrup, one (1) cup of lemon juice (approximately 5-to-6 lemons), and three cups of water in a larger pitcher.

4. Add the tea to the lemonade and serve over ice with a bit of honey if desired.

Kacey Morris