Are you looking for a way to enhance your job skills? Are you interested in a career in the food and hospitality industry?

The food service industry is a great way to generate income, develop skills, and make connections. Within 12 weeks you will have an understanding of how a restaurant operates, the needed certificates to apply for a job and many transferable experiences.  Root will give you the edge needed so that you stand out from the competition. The program consists of:

  • A 12 week restaurant and hospitality training program
  • Important certifications: ServSafe Allergy Awareness and ServSafe Food Handler
  • Onsite experience at local restaurants
  • Practical job skills: resume writing, Interview practice, public speaking, conflict mediation
  • $500 stipend for successful completion of on-the-job externships
  • Make face-to-face connections with prospective employers
  • Letters of recommendation from industry professionals   
  • Employment opportunities within Root

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