Feeding Opportunity and Community

Root offers a rigorous 12-week, 200 hour, workforce training program that uses food preparation and service as its vehicle for teaching career and life skills. In the kitchen at Root, and those of our partner restaurants, hotels and caterers, Program Partners learn and practice safe food preparation and handling, and many other direct skills that they will need to succeed. They attain industry-certified credentials that give them a sense of accomplishment - and an advantage in seeking employment. In Root’s classroom they learn professional preparation and develop maturity and life skills that will help them to secure and thrive in their first and subsequent jobs.


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North Shore mayors and superintendents decorate cookies for charities at Root! Read more!

“I can’t think of a better investment in job training for at-risk youth. There is a huge demand for trained culinary workers.  The demand is long-lasting because the public wants more restaurants and these jobs cannot be outsourced or done by robots.  Everyone trained by Root will have several job offers. Win-Win-Win.”

- Mark McDonough, CEO of Serenitee Restaurant Group, Co-founder of the Cape Ann Farmers’ Market